The world’s first open source documentary

Why do Venezuelans have to queue before shops? Why is there so much insecurity and inflation? Why is Venezuelan politics so polarised? We create a web-documentary that explains the history and logic of Venezuela's problems.

Our format redefines documentary filmmaking. We fuse the best of journalism, social science, documentary filmmaking, and web programming to deliver the most accurate and intuitively comprehensible explanations out there on the web.

This is the world’s first open source documentary of its kind. The sources of all our information are transparently revealed and available to you right inside the documentary. A revolutionary commenting system allows you to comment and discuss specific points in the documentary with other viewers.

We specifically encourage you to pirate our videos, make them better, and send us the improved version. Also send us videos you made on specific points you think are missing in the documentary. If they meet our standards, we’ll include them on our main website.

Our hope is to contribute to a constructive and fact-based dialogue about the turmoil in Venezuela.

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This documentary is free to access and view. Spread the word and support free, transparent access to information!


Immediate access to all sources at your fingertips! Referenced subtitles in all videos, interactive graphs, links and more.


Participate in the discussions, propose new topics to research and update the content. If we're wrong, we'll adapt and correct.